Flemish Ants

Antkeepers since 2018,

We have been keeping ants for multiple years now and we would love to share this passion with others! Ants are fascinating animals that deserve more recognition and love! Help us spread this passion of us!

Underneath you will find the ants we sell!

Looking for a nest?

You're at the right place!

We offer plenty of nests and accesories for your ants!

Ants need a nest to survive. In capitivty , they also need an outworld , where you can feed the ants and watch them go foraging for food and hunt their preys!

You will find those equipments beneath!

Do you need help?

Then look no further!

Underneath you will find a page explaining ant keeping in detail , how to succesfully raise a queen and a colony! It contains every information you need.

Every ant species we sell will have a complete care sheet on our website.

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Why ants?

Ants are fascinating for their complex social structure, division of labor, problem-solving abilities, collective intelligence, ecological importance, and adaptability to diverse environments. They showcase remarkable cooperation, innovation, and resilience, making them a captivating subject of study and observation.

What are your plans?

We hope to be able to share this passion with many. It is our plan to grow this hobby. We want more people to be aware that ants are formidable pets! For specific announcement , you can find click on the button bellow! We will keep you guys updated here.



How long do I have to wait to receive my colony and nest?

We will ship your colony the following monday 1 week after you ordered. We know this can be quiet long , but we have good reasons. Before shipment , we will

1. Change the testtube of the ants

2. Feed the ants one last time

3. Make sure the colony is healthy and ready to be shipped.

After that , we will ship you the colony as soon as possible.

What shipping compagny do you use?

We use DHL , DPD , UPS , Colissimo, PostNL.

I don't want to keep ants anymore , what can I do?

Got bored of your colony? No worries! We will glady take any of your unwanted colonies back for free!

Be aware that releasing your colony in the wild may be illegal depending where you are and could cause a lot of damage to the local flora.

I have X question , where can I ask it?

You are free to dm us on instagram or on our chatbox!